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We inspect homes like we're BUYING THEM OURSELVES

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What I Do


Everything Inside & Out

I go through everything inside and out to make certain you are aware of what your current/future homes state is in.


If you are selling your home I will let you know what areas will stand out and need remediation.


If you are a home buyer I will make certain that you understand your new home and where you should focus any improvement efforts on.


24 Hour Reporting

I will make certain that within 24 hours, one-day, you will have your inspection report to you electronically. I will be available to answer any questions you have and guide you through the inspection report so that you are aware of everything.

A Japanese male worker checks the locks on a house
Home inspection form with clipboard and pen.

Inspection Services

The Buyers Home Inspection, typically performed for buyers to get a full evaluation of a home and what repairs may be needed.

Partial inspections may be performed on new roof installations, room additions, or large remodel jobs to ensure your contractors are performing to industry standards. This may be done prior to making a final payment to the contractor.

New construction Phase Inspections may be performed prior to pouring the concrete slab and prior to drywall. Many underlying aspects of the home can be evaluated at this time.

The New Home Inspection, performed at the time of delivery of a newly built home, this inspection is much more critical of the fit and finish of the new home. We are here to help you get the best new home possible from your builder.

The Sellers Home Inspection, performed to evaluate what may need repairs to get the home ready for a quick and smooth sale. Also known as "Move In Certified", the report can be updated after repairs are made and then used as a marketing tool.

The 1 Year Warranty inspection is performed just before you call your builder to do a "1 Year Punch". We will interview you about any concerns after living in the home and then perform a thorough home inspection to be sure your home was built correctly and look for any items that may be failing, wearing prematurely, settling, cracking, or not performing as intended.

Why Choose Me

Honesty & Accuracy

  • Always On Time

    I pride myself in providing a quick turnaround with detailed information.

  • Hard Working

    I am focused on making certain that your investment is well documented.

  • 24/7 Availability

    I am available to perform your inspection when you want and on the day you need it.


What My Clients Say?

Crystal listened to my concerns and went over, in detail, everything I needed. If I asked questions she always answered in a non-rushed and in a way that was very understandable.

Amanda Lee

Great experience and will continue to use Crystal for any of my future inspections.

Adam Cheise

I have never been more pleased with an inspection and I was able to feel confident in my purchase and the ability for us to repair the items that needed some TLC.

Holly Banks